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Laid-Back Atmosphere

Join an adult community with a casual, laid-back atmosphere where you can connect with like-minded adults.

Roleplaying & Fictional Stories

Have a fantasy you want to play out in a safe and fun environment with like-minded individuals? Perhaps you’re more into writing or reading erotic fiction?

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Features of Joining the Best Adult Community of 2019!

Some Sinners Club Feature Highlights

The Community

Join a community of adults where you can feel safe and comfortable being yourself. Whether that be a casual conversation, sharing stories, roleplaying, or having an all-out Meme war.


The community is moderated to ensure an environment you feel safe to express yourself, your desires, fetishes, etc.

Social Networking Platform

Although some sections focus on erotic content, that is not all Sinners Hideout is about. We are not just a community, but a social networking platform.


Our forums offers various categories from casual talk, gaming, movies, to Roleplaying and Erotic stories.

No Harassment

We are strongly against any form of harassment. Although we understand one individual’s beliefs & opinions may differ from another, we expect all members to be civil.


Basically, if you do not wish to see nudity, stay in the casual sections of the site and avoid the erotic areas.

Things to Come

We’re constantly working on ways to improve the experience for our members. Additional features we’re working to add include Unique Badges, Live Chat rooms & more.

Sinners Hideout is moderated to ensure a safe and positive environment


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