Recent updates & bug fixes:


Added a social share feature.

Now you can easily share posts on your activity feed with Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Don’t see the platform you would like to share with? Let us know, we’ll see what we can do!

You can now share user activity to Facebook, Twitter, and others.


Updated badges for “Leaving Topics”.

From leaving 1 topic to 1,000 topics in the forums, you now have a higher quality badge to represent with!


Fixed the profile cropping issue we were alerted of yesterday. You should now be able to upload your profile photo and crop it as desired. Previously, the photo would upload correctly to the profile, but not within the cropping feature.

Also, we have added a ‘News’ section with a link in the footer. This allows users who are interested a simple way to remain updated about any previous changes as well as current or future projects we’re working on behind the scenes!

Upcoming Changes / Fixes:

We’re working on creating new higher quality badges for the other achievements.

Invite feature – This will make it easier to invite your friends over to join you here. You know, to help grow the community and all. 🙂

Additional Quests – As of right now there is only 1 “Quest” to complete, but we are working on adding more with time. This is for those who enjoy ranking up or competing for a spot on the leaderboards as completing quests provide more points than your regular achievements.

Finally, we may change the names from Achievements & Quests to “Tasks & Achievements”. What do you think?


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